ola people,

Is anyone going to see this on 9 april?


and me


Sweet, hopfully I should be going as well, this will be my 1st ever race event and I’m looking forward to it…

I went to my first race lats year. twas the last round of the BSB, was p1ssing down but had a great time walking around with our lids on trying to keep dry

Dare say i’ll be there, remember to take a side stand puck if you do they will be giving them out, if you don’t they won’t be… murphy’s law and all that…

ok I will open this to debate now, I maybe able to take someone with me, anyone here interested only thing for you is you have to pick me up and drop me back (but I’m only about 25mins from brands) and maybe buy me a drink…

I’ll be at most, so I’m sure I could catch up with some of you if I’m organised (big IF)

Me n Gridgirl were there too. It musta bin the only place on earth where you coulda got pneumonia & sunburn at the same time!!!

GG n me are going on the 9th too.

I will be going and hopefully dragging John P along.