BSB: Tommy Hill!

For me, man of the second race was Tommy Hill, he was on fire and showed his potential. I’m no big time yamaha fan, but I was cheering on Tommy, he’s a great lad with huge potential, imo. He seems to be let down by his R1 which doesn’t have the power, that and the Pirelli’s don’t seem as competitive as the Dunlops in BSB. Odd considering their WSB performance.

We’ve got a cracking new story up for him with some great pictures, check it out:

Anyone else think Tommy would be a title contender if he had a proper factory-supported bike under him? He’s certainly got the balls. Just how well did he defend his position from Shakey???!

the bike is quick f##k its got 210 bhp i would say the tyres are letting him down but your right mate factory back up would really help him and the money would help no end

It’s definately down on power compared to the others. Even down the straights it was being outdragged by the Ducati’s. But of course you need tyres and power to be at the front for the whole race. A shame, but Yamaha really should get more involved. The bike is nothing like Haga’s SBK steed.

thats for certain mate i think they got more money there mate but he has the balls and talent just some more backing fot rob mcs team

Well i hope they put some money into the breakfast i got my VIP day at the courtesy of the yamaha virgin team at snetterton and i dont want to go hungry…

Hospitality grub is always top-notch mate, don’t worry. Or rather, at least it’s always good in the Ducati & Suzuki tents

Backing doesn’t just mean money, it means access to factory race parts, research and data. The WSB team is in another world compared to BSB, but obviously the BSB team put in a great effort. Yamaha do brilliant work in BSB. If the other manufacturers put in as much as Yamaha then it would be better than WSB.

I think with it being a new bike for 07 there just well behind.

If you remember Rd1 of wsb at Quatar the R1 had the same problem very fast in quals but it was being outdragged down the straights. Matter of time before the bits get filtered through a bit more. You have to remember that because the R1 is racing in AMA this year and Daytona and the AMA started before BSB they have gotten the bits first.

I expect to see a huge improvement in the yam come Mondello onwards.

Hill is a class act but i think he’s only as good as Crutchlow, Sykes etc - One of the fresh crop though for sure.