bsb today

just got back from brands, not many peps about abit damp aswell;anyway,got myself a coffe and a burger and walking along loading it up with tomy sauce when wack walked strait into gregorio lavilla, ups sorry about the tomy sauce greg i said,no worries he says, i was thinkin about somthin else he says,turns out its his birthday this w/end had a nice little chat,what a nice guy. The practice session was pretty good with the rain off and on,leon haslam was haulin ass, must have balls of steel riding like that in those conditions

Lucky git… I was going Brands on sunday but had to pull out… Well gutted. shaping up to be a legendary weekend.

Hi Paul,

You off to brands on Sunday for race day?? Let us know as I will be there with a few of the LB mob - post up in the rideouts section or PM me your mobile.



We are going tomorrow…nice weather for camping

hi qwacks ive already posted in ride outs time table below09.00 Pit Walk 10.00 National Superstock Championship Warm up 10.15 British Supersport Warm up 10.30 British Superbike Warm up 10.50 Virgin Mobile Cup Warm up 11.05 British 125cc Warm up 11.20 Audi Performance Award presentation 11.40 Metzeler National Superstock Championship Final 15 laps 12.25 British Supersport Championship 16 laps 13.15 2006 Bennetts British Superbike Championship 18 laps 14.00 Virgin Mobile Cup Final 12 laps 14.45 British 125cc GP Championship Final 14 laps 15.15 Rizla Suzuki MotoGP Demo by John Hopkins 15.45 British Supersport Championship Final 16 laps 16.45 2006 Bennetts British Superbike Championship Final 18 laps 17.30 Season end Pit Walk – 2006 Champions photo-callyou

Hey Paul you coming the ace tomorrow for Hornet day???

afraid not sam off to the decider B S B at brands,not good planning havin hooners day on the same said day