BSB, Thruxton - Pictures

British Superbikes today at Thruxton.

Can’t say it went too well for me. Four hours sleep wasn’t the best start, but I made it to the circuit inspite of the appalling lack of sign posts. I immediately headed for the “good” photo points only the find them all five people deep - no chance of getting in! :evil: It was my first time to Thruxton and I can’t say I’m too impressed - after all, you can only get round a third of the circuit, and the third that’s furthest away has fencing overgrown with plant life, thus ruining the view. Walking from one side of the circuit to the other seemed to take an age. Because you can’t walk all the way round, everyone takes exactly the same route… very slowly it seems… then they add a load of stalls of slow people even more! Anyway, things would have been bearable if I hadn’t taken the first two hundred pictures with the camera set to “One Shot” instead of “AI Servo”. I didn’t swear. Much. Okay, rant over… I did get a couple of pictures.

When all else fails, there’s always girls… :wink:

Great snaps as ever Damon! We watched it on TV and it looked mega-fast. I know how you feel about messing up shots, been there, done that, not fun! Any chance of a gallery?

Well done mate, the shots are great so the effort that you put in was rewarded in the end. The crowds and hassle are why I usually avoid big bike meets, I like to be mobile and go at my own pace.

Sweet pics defo. It was rammed yesterday, and it was tricky to get into a good position. That’s why the practice days are soooo much better.

Absolutely, I’d normally go on a practice day as you get just as many picture opportunities and a tiny fraction of the crowds. Unfortunately I had to compromise with the other half and spend the practice days at the in-laws!

Jay, I’m not happy with enough of them to constitute a gallery (unless you want more pictures of brolly dollies! )

Fair enough I think Andrew’s going to do the honours on this anyhow.

At last. Phew. Get it up there Jay.

It’s under the Racing section, ignore the erroneous Thruxton category thing I created.

Some nice shots there, in difficult conditions. Rain really screws up metering and lighting I find. I see you managed to get to the one part of the circuit that I could get no-where near - the chicane!

Yeah, but no chance race day. We got there at 8.50am and it was 4 deep already.

Yeah, that was about half an hour before I got there. I didn’t even attempt it. Practice days are definitely the way forward on the national circuits. Until someone wants to give me a media pass that is…

Got something of a gallery together now on my site;

There’s some cracking shots in there Damon. You’re putting me to shame, big-time! How did you get the portrait shot of the gixxer framed at the bottom of the pic? Nearest-object focus combined with continious ai focus? Looks great.

I’m seriously digging that 4x 749 (presume, didn’t look like the Airwaves one) garage. That boy FLEW in Supersport!

Well so much for a not very successful trip Damon! They are cracking. Esp like the tilting thing, must try that soon.