BSB Testing This Weekend!

British Superbikes starts this weekend with a testing event at Snetterton for teams. LB will be there to cover the event as always.

I only have to see the passes and I get all excited :slight_smile:



how did you scam a media pass you lucky boy! Does that get you into paddock and good spot for snapping pics on the circuit?

LB is acredited BSB Media. We have season passes to all events. Don’t you follow our most-awesome photo coverage in the galleries as well as our news stories and articles? :slight_smile:

I won’t be going, these tickets are for other staff.

Do they need a lens caddy?;):smiley:

Thats one very sexy picture! Can’t wait!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Although I think it’s going to be a wet one to say the least, In fact I saw on the news tonight they’re talking about snow!!! :w00t:

Snow, rain and -5 temp.


I have a new waterproof Mac, hat and trust ex-army ex-Lustfish trousers. And lens capes too.

I’m excited too, but also not looking forward to the weather. Wrap up warm anyone else who’s coming.

Passes look sweet man… :slight_smile: