BSB Snetterton - Great ride up there.

I will be leading a ride to the BSB at Snetterton on sunday 21st June Leaving the Ace Cafe at 8.00am with an aim to be in Snetterton 11.30am stopping in Finchingfield for breakfast about 9.00 ish. - first race of the day is 12.30. Its a mostly twisty route but does include some A roads and possibly motorway so not 125 Friendly.

This will be a more relaxed pace than the usual rides. So if you fancy riding a great route up and back from the BSB then feel free to join me. I may also ride twitsy roads back. Well if its beautiful weather its guaranteed but if its crap i may just motorway it. I will set a leaving time for those wishing to ride back with me.

Usual rules apply - no nobbers and full tanks essential.

Lets hope for good weather.

Approx 120 miles each way.


Sunday 14th was yesterday.

Im there all weekend so may see you there :slight_smile:

Time traveler.

ps. Plan your petrol stops :wink:

LOL Bob, maybe you should offer your recovery services for a reasonable fee whenever he goes on a rideout :smiley: :smiley:

Haha sorry i meant Sunday the 21st June!

If all goes to plan. I will see you at Finchingfield. If a red and black Aprilia Falco doesn’t show, then don’t wait. But weather permitting I should be there.There’s no point in me going to the Ace as I would be going in just to go out again.

Im marshalling on Coram corner if you’s want to say hello :slight_smile:

Morning guys, as the weather is a bit dicey I decided to drive up.

Look out for a Red 911 with R1X on the plate if you come past me!!

Ah. Wondered what was going on. My mobile doesn’t have internet access. So got to Finchingfield at 9am had breakfast and chilled until 10am. Then headed for Diss and from there headed for the A11 for Snetterton. Had a lovely day and a very very satisfying razz home :slight_smile: . All hail Shakey. He just majestically did the business and I thought the changes they have made to the track and the facilities were excellent.Just wish Mr Palmer and associates could get their hands on Donnington and give that what it needs and deserves.Although I must admit I have not been there for a number of years.So maybe someone is “Doing the right thing” with it.