BSB Silverstone - Sunday 30th

I’m new to the forum, so don’t know many bikers on here or in London generally.

Anybody planning to ride to Silverstone this weekend?

Tickets for Sunday are £29, so not a bad day out…


Was going to go as its 5 mins from me, but most probably working now!

i might be riding up if you are keen still.

Mate got me a ticket for £17 so I worked late on Friday, I am in.

Super Sausage for 9am, bit of breaky, then off to silver stone :slight_smile:

If you going and want to me, PM me your mob and ill txt you tom :slight_smile:

Right guys, sorry been away from computer , meeting Rob and other at 10am at his so going to drop by the ace cafe about 9.40am if anyone wants to join me and tag along!

bit cold but dry, inbetween club and vale

jeeeeeez that was cold!!! We had a great ride back though!

Some good racing there!

Last corner before the finish line and shakey got done on the last corner on the last lap, right in front of me!

Your right it was breezy at times :slight_smile:

Didn’t see your posts guys!

Went mountain biking instead…

Anyone planning on going to the final round at Brands? It should be rammed, last year’s final race was absolutely epic!

I was there, courtesy of LB and BSB thankyouverymuch :smiley: shame I didn’t see this thread earlier, I would have met up with you guys.

I defo plan to go to brands, hope its not minus 400 degrees and i will make sure i DONT wear shorts:Whistling: