BSB Practice and Qualifying

Sure you’ve all read the results etc etc but prob not seen many pics.

Well here are some to wet your appetite and remind you of the ‘Sport of Kings’ (well, today’s Kings).







Wow! Great pics Andrew! It looks dry? I can see that you have a Canon eh? I can’t wait for tomorrow

Rrrooarr, nice one Andrew! Those Gixxers look incredible, I bet they sound amazing huh… The Triumph looks the job as well!

Great pics Andrew, wish i was at the races!! oh well have to wait for the Tv coverage. Beer is in the fridge getting itself nice and cool.

Beer??? Neil have you passed sides? What about the good and old JD??? lol

Really good quality photos there man. Which camera?

Nice photos Andrew, good to meet you today at Brands. You were easy to spot with that telescope of a camera.

Camera? - Canon EOS-10D. It’s good but needs a faster fps count but those cameras are the pro-specs ones that will be at least a grand second-hand. ouch.

B - it was good to meet you too, although you took me a little by surprise! I left after the final BSB round and the heavens opened on the ride back. Did the 125s get washed away or had you beat a hasty one too?

Hey Hey Hey that’s a great gallery Silver!!! 30D eh? very nice.

Andrew, i left straight after the last Superbike race and broke the lap record out of the car park. Managed to be one of the first out, didn`t fancy the crush of the rush.

Cheers! It only arrived on Friday so it was the first time out. Definitely a step up from the 350D (not that that’s a bad camera). Just got a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens arrive today… My girlfriend just keeps looking at me and tutting when something arrives! I think I need to earn more…

Yours are nice and clear, which lens?

Earn more? You need to now!!

I use a Sigma EX 70-200 2.8 and sometimes a Sigma EX 2x converter. TBH the weekend was too dark the use the converter most of the time, and I can’t get used to being able to alter the ASA rating every shot!!! Still thinking 35mm I’m afraid. Better to blow up a sharp 200mm shot than try and sharpen a blurred 400mm I reckon.

Next year I think it’ll be a second hand 1D to try and get back to 5fps or there abouts. This 2-3 fps is just too slow man.

Hoping to get loads more practice in this year anyway, so we should be able to take Double Red on eh? Hehe