BSB Highlights on Channel 4

Does anyone know when this is broadcast after each BSB meet…

Monday? Tuesday? 5 days after? The following weekend? 3am? 2pm?



twas just on Eurosport 1900-2000 if that’s any good man.

Nah fella, I don’t have Eurosport, therein lies ma problem.
Are you heading for Brands tonight already or tomorrow…?

Channel 4 Toby but it’s Wednesday 1.30am for BSB highlights or there’s live streaming on

cool didnt realise eurosport streamed live vid, useful

watched eurosport last night and it didn’t show the main races :ermm:

It can get confusing JB. The Thursday evening Eurosport2 coverage (Superbikes Extra) covers the support races.

Some superb racing there all the Same:cool: and of course we have an LB rider in the Superstock 600 race, no28 Sam Middlemas. I’ll be there helping him out this weekend:cool:

Mega News B, cheers for that… I get Motogp on line and WSB too, but was suffering from serious BSB withdrawal. Life saver fella, much obliged.