BSB girl

My little neice Rachel , not so little anymore … they didn’t get paid but good experiance for the future … go girl :slight_smile:




Lovely :slight_smile:

Must say tho the middle one is wwweelllll tall :blink:

awwww…she looks just like you keith!!!:D.

bring her down to oakdean so we can all get an autograph eh?;).

gotta say…im diggin blondie too…:P.


hello Shane :slight_smile: , i’ll see what i can do one evening -

that girl is very tall Rachel is about 5’4" i think

5.4 damn the others must be midgets!!:w00t:

Lol I think he meant the one on the right is 5.4 and that the blonde is taller than that :wink:

Fine looking.:wink:


The CJ Riders Fund is a great thing, your neice choose well, it’s well respected in BSB, for very good reasons. Good on her Keith!

Also, I don’t think very many promo girls get paid at BSB events, they do it for the portfolio value and fun I think!

It was his neice a moment ago.

She defo won the flat belly contest there.:slight_smile:

No idea what you’re talking about mate. You want to get to spec-savers!

Hi jay , she said she had a wonderful time …met a few racers too :slight_smile:

you should have the seen the boys faces when she turned up to my mum and dads christmas dinner in a pvc santa outfit …!!

Just for clarity we might need photographic evidence of this… :wink:

as they say, pix or it didn’t happen