BSB Brands pics

A mate of mine at work took some snaps at the BSB round last weekend - wow!!

More here:

Some good shots there! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest he starts to practice his panning shots though, as then he’ll start to get the blurred backgrounds and wheels. It’s harder to do, but well worth it! :smiley:

Any idea which camera he’s using?



Grind those toes Rutter! :cool:

He’s doing a JimC impression;):smiley:

Canon 20D by the looks of the photo information.

Frozen wheels are not cool. The rear shot is pretty good though :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m the guy who took the pic’s. I have a Canon 20D, and for the weekend I had a friends 100-400mm L lens. It’s cool to hear the bits of advice there, like about avoiding the frozen wheels. I do need to work on my panning, that lens was a whole new experience for me. It’s like holding a small child up to my eye! I think I needed that added shutter speed to get any pictures at all to be honest :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words though you guys!

-Anders (MrWhiskey)

Were you shooting in sport mode, mate? Just asking 'cos that produces the “frozen wheels” effect and is often used by people who want to ensure they get clear shots. Play with your shutter speeds and ISO settings, moving them up and down and checking the results.

30D here by the way, but lens in major need of upgrading!

I was shooting in manual. But, as I say, with that giant unwieldy lens, I was simply lazy. I cranked the shutter speed so everything stopped for me :smiley:

I shot most of the pic’s on Saturday since I could get around without much problem. But on race day, holy jesus there were some crowds! I had no idea BSB brought in so many people!!! Amazing! That kept me from getting to many good spots, and I really only fired off a few shots here and there. I spent most of the day watching the race from a bit of a distance instead of shooting it.

Next time I’m definitely going to take some of the advice here though and practice panning with the action at some lower shutter speeds.

Thanks again!


Well I was using a Coolpix S510 :smiley:

the quality of my kit is not quite in the same league though…

Nice work Mr Whiskey :cool:

Yeah inside Druids is tops and it’s great that any spectators without massive gear can get really pro looking photos like these.

Ok so frozen wheels are a bit of a no-no but the alternative (and Mike will back me up here) is a shed load of unsharp images because you keep the shutter speed low enough to blur the wheels, but potentially everything else.

I use a 20D as a back up camera and it can produce some sterling results, it’s just a little sluggish to focus compared to more recent kit, and compared to Mike’s and my 1D’s it’s a tad slow in continuous too.

And as I speak I’m in the final stages of processing one half of the LB Brands galleries, I’ve none from the this spot so welcome yours on the site!

And the 100-400 ? Tim, the full time Double Red shooter, was using one during Race 1 so you are in good company !

Thanks very much Andrew! I was admiring your photo work yesterday, brilliant & inspiring stuff!!!I’d be extremely honored to have any pictures on the LB gallery. Feel free to peruse my gallery for ones you deem worthy.

The BSB pix in that gallery go all the way up to the “Duc’s in a row” photo… (page 14 or something like that)

After that it’s a lot of old pictures I took when I lived in San Francisco and my 20D was brand new :smiley:

Thanks very much for the kind words!


Crowds don’t always need to be a problem :slight_smile:

If you really want to push yourself (sorry, I always take things to seriously!) try to imagine someone is relying on you getting some good shots, maybe they have paid you lots of money to be there and are expecting results for the front of the newspaper. This can force you to be creative. Also bare in mind that the places where other photographers gather are the most common (so potentially boring) shots. This applies to us when shooting trackside too.

Someday I’ll learn to just have fun! :ermm:

brilliant shot! :w00t:
how did you get the focus right? set beforehand and pan?