BSB Brands Indy Mon 13th April

Who’s going?:cool:

I’ll be there… well it would be rude not to :smiley:

I’ll be going there everyday from Friday!

should be, not 100% sure yet, but I want to go

We were there today - wicked day, had a blast. Bit knackered now but major grin factor :smiley: Q

might be looking in on the monday

Testing for the RC8 cup then? :slight_smile:

Yes Ill be there with Mark, trying to get tips :smiley:

Usual meet up at The Kentagon Bar after?

Gives the traffic a chance to die down and compare notes:)

I’ll be there, paddock grandstand, woohoo. go Guintolli, (feel free to correct the spelling) :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and Ali-cat will be there. How can we all meet up? Would be good to for a while at least.

We’re gonna be in Paddock Grandstand too:)

Fingers crossed it don’t snow this time:w00t:

Did somebody mention bar ? :slight_smile:

not sure of where we are sat on the grandstand, mate has the tickets. But I’ll be the one with a dark haired irish gal and a 6ft 4ish geezer. If you think you spot me give me a shout

Sadly I’ve only just got mobile again, so I’m missing it this time… I’ll be in the Paddock Hill Grandstand in August though… I’ll be quite easy to spot…

I’ll be there V.I.P style

me the wife and kids will be there probally hiding on south bank

Looks like it’s gonna be drier than Qatar today:D

Fingers crossed for some close racing:)

Usual post race meet-up in the Kentagon bar afterwards:cool:

Cant go but im going next Sunday the Brands with my youngest daughter to watch Gabby race.

the greenhithe posse are gonna be in attendance :w00t:

Just got home, Cracking days racing:cool:

After a misty damp morning, it soon brightened up nicely in time for the main events:cool:

The only downsides were the R6 BBQ at Clearways in the Superstocks and a nasty crash in the sidecar race. I hope it wasn’t as bad as it looked:pinch:

that crash was bad…i got picks of the unfortunate event…:frowning: