BSB Brands Hatch Qualifying day pictures

Went to Qualifying day at Brands for the re-scheduled BSB event, who’d have thought 4" of snow to nearly 30 degrees in a matter of weeks…

Anyway took my camera along and had a go at taking pics for the first time and some of the resutls were ok, certainly better than I expected.

Full set uploaded so far here in Londonbikers flickr group if interested
The best place on the net to share all your photos about

I’m still labeling up who’s who…

Great pictures man! We must have been standing right next to eachother more than a few times.

FEck I’m gonna have re-think my submissions to the gallery :w00t:

Well done guys, sweet shots - I mean how easy is it eh?

Thanks Mr Whiskey, likewise :smiley:
Yeah more than likely we were, I spent first half of the day inside Druids and then went walkabout and ended up at Hawthorn bend which is a challenge as the bikes are moving a bit faster up there, but you’re also quite close so a good place to rpactise faster panning shots…
If you saw a fatty with a pony-tail in a black with orange bits Knox T-shirt, that was me :wink:

I’ll have to try shooting at hawthorne next time. Thanks for the tip!

I can’t remember seeing you. I was there with my wife. She’s Chinese, and I’m a short pudgy white guy :smiley: . I was wearing a blue hawaiian style hat.

I’m sure we’ll cross paths at some point. I plan on doing that again, it was a blast!