BSB Brands hatch practice

I haven’t really taken many panning shots at all so am quite pleased with the way that some of these turned out :slight_smile:

The only problem with panning shots is they all end of looking like “more of the same”

Great Pictures George!

From another forum…

^^ How he managed that I don’t know!

He must be a magician.

He must be a magician.

Good job :slight_smile: I especially love the first one!

ahhh brilliant george see ya got the hang of it, hope your coming brands on the 29th :smiley:

Some sweet panning there. :cool:

I see youre on PistinHeads. Whats your screen name? I’m MikeyD.

He is the same. I had to settle for phone_monkey

Phone monkey?? Any reason for that? :slight_smile:

Nic pics. What setup are you using ?

I used to do a fair amount of photography, including motorsport. Don’t really get time for it these days though.

Cos I work in a call centre :frowning:

Well that would explain that then! :slight_smile:

Motorsports isn’t my usual fare I have to say, I take more landscapes and still life, a bit of candid and portraits.

I’m using a Canon EOS 5D, for those shots I used a 70-200 F2.8L IS and a 1.4 TC for some shots.

Most taken using Tv (Or Shutter priority, not sure what that is on a Nikon) ranging from 150-400ms (I did try a few with 1000ths but tbh they didn’t really convey much of a senses of motion.)

ISO 100 (it was a relatively bright day) a mixture of spot and centre weighted average metering and Auto white balance (yes I am lazy at times!) but I have tweaked a few.

I think overall I took 1000 odd photos on the day, binned 400 while still there and whittled it down to 200 or so at home.

Using photoshop I’ve tweaked the levels, contrast and curves.

Curtis, I’m trying to book the LB track day off at the moment but been off site for the majority of time this week so haven’t found out what’s going on with that. As I’m not actually going on track I’ll try and get some nice photos :slight_smile:

Great photos. For me the 2nd photo is by far the best of the bunch; composition and framing - that what distinguishes most panning shots. Keep it up.

Great shots i esp like the last one of the young Alex Camier he is going to be an up and coming rider to watch :slight_smile: