BSB Brands Hatch 17-19th April

Whos going to Brands Next weekend? I was planning on doing Friday, Saturday and Sunday but only doing the Saturday & Sunday now,

I’d love to go to one of the BSB races actually but haven’t thought about it in detail. Are tickets still available? Is it easy to arrive and find a parking spot?

Parking spot is available always, at least for bikes… Tickets available at the gates, no problems with that at all… And even if the grand stands will be full, there is enough space (most of the time) around the track to see it… Is it worth it going and those £30? Hell Yes! (OK, i might be in a very good mood at the moment, but still it is great seeing so many people with the same passion for bikes with their families watching the races)

P.S. As bikes are mostly parked on a grass in Brands, they are actually issuing those plastic plates to put under the stand as you arrive to the parking lot…

If you’ve got a decent bike make sure you take a chain and if you go with another bike, chain it to that.
It’s been easier pickings for thieves at few bsb meetings last year.

I’d chain it to Sam’s. They wouldn’t even think about taing my one after seeing an orange one right next to it :smiley:

Cypher, If you want to go I have a weekend pass spare I think if you want it. You will be on your own as ill be trackside but if others on here are going you can meet them.

That’s even more tempting than it was a couple hours ago :slight_smile: I’m most probably up for this (don’t think I had anything to do over that weekend anyway), especially if someone else is going.

Would definitely like to chain my bike to something. Not the first time I see people mention thefts during BSB races.

I’ll find out if you can Park in the Marshalls Car Parking area as you will be with me, then you can chain up with my Bike.

Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

I’ll ask, its not 100% yet, not sure if i have a spare pass yet.