BSB Brands hatch 13th April 2009 indy circut

Hi All whos up for the first race of the season at Brands hatch on the 13th April, plenty of races, stalls and hopefully no snow unlike last year lol.

Oh yes!!

It’s unusual to have the Indy at the start of the season, that’s usually the finale:cool:

I’ll prolly be there already - please keep me posted as to where you guys all meet up?! :smiley:

will do

As I am just around the corner from Brands, will be there:)

i’ll be up for this seeing as i missed it last year due to snow!! :smiley:

Yes, me :smiley: PPG see you there? Q

Be nice to see you again Quiller last time we met you had tooth ache in suffolk.

I am just around the corner so will be there - would be good to meet some of you as I am new to the site.

deffo chick - will send you my #

I’m doing snetterton this Sunday, and will be up for more