BSB at thruxton this Sunday

Oli & I will be down at the races on Sunday. Just wondering to look out for anyone???


i would like to go but i don`t know if me moped would make it might take the car instead:D:P

howz ur hairy legs lou???

Hoping to be there on Sunday, snow permitting;):smiley:


I never expected Brands to be snowed off as it was so who knows what Sunday may bring;):smiley:

oh balls!!

I hate snow - have checked the forecast and its says that it will be raining with outbreaks of sunshine.

That’ll be the jam jar then;):smiley:

Never been to thruxton - what’s the grub like there?

Same as most circuits, dog sh!te and expensive;)

We’ve found the best vantage point to be Allards:)

We’re taking our own snacks/picky things and flask of hot coffee to save on cost as normally they are soooooo expensive but wanna get a nice burger or hotdog :satisfied:

reccommend anywhere?

Bring biccys 2 and will meet ya 2 nick em lol, keepin beady eye on weather but not looking good is it ?

Is this still officially called the 2nd round then? Does that mean that the Brands meeting in May will be called the first round?!