BSB at silverstone

Is anyone going to Silverstone this sunday for the BSB round ? Im thinking about going as its up the road from me, think the price on the day is £30

I’ll be there helping Sammo in the 600 Superstock. If you do go Steve, come and say hello:)

will have to try and find ya, gotta see my name on the bike :smiley:

He’ll be running in the yellow Co-ordit colours number 118. I’ve pm’d you a contact number:)

I am up for the weekend - staying in Leighton Buzzard - PM contact details and i will come find you both! would be great to see some faces i know!

Pm sent

Can spectators go on the Friday to watch the practice sessions?

I’m off work tomorrow but then I’m working all weekend so I wouldn’t mind popping up for a look for a few hours.

I will probably go, Marks taking our youngest with him on the back anyway but I’m still undecided :smiley:

Give us a call when you get there guys - number is ***** *** *** :smiley:

PM for my mobile number!

Oh how much are you gonna regret posting ya number on here matey :D:D:D

gonna be in every lav/fonebox in beds/bucks n herts :slight_smile:

was i quick enough to remove it though?

Nope I’ve got and so have 7,000 others :smiley:

yay - finally, i will be mr popular!

I’ve just spoke to the ticket office at Silverstone and they’ve told me that ebtry to the Friday practice is free :slight_smile:
Anyone planning on heading up there?

not as long as you own a kwak ya wont be :D:D:D

what you want dropping off for the BBQ then ? better let me know Si’s addy :slight_smile:

Can we actually have a BBQ there?

Or shall i get everything from Tesco, cook it at his, then just cool box it?

I dont know!!

Im going with my oldest on the Saturday.

You get a lot more access on the Saturday as nowhere near as many people go.

Lots of good photo’s to be taken an maybe even get some pics with the riders.

It’s only £15 for adults and free for kids.

If your going and want to say hi, Im the one that looks like Brad Pitt and is hung like a mule:D

going both Sat and Sun - I think Sat will be a shorted visit, just to have a look around - plan our line of attack for Sunday!

Have just spoken to Silverstone - BBQs are not permitted due to the fact there is quite a lot of fuel hanging around a motor racing track!

Guess its a good enough reason!

If your going and want to say hi, Im the one that looks like MULE and is hung like a MOUSE :smiley:

Yup Ive heard that rumour as well :D:D:D

Yup Ive heard that rumour as well :D:D:D

That’s the thing with t’internet you always get found out in the end :D:P:D

You going up Saturday Steve?