BSB at Brands


Do any of you guys meet up to go to the racing?

I haven’t been in a decade (after l lost my mate who I was pit crew for at Donnington, club racing), really want to see the racing again but not sure I fancy it on my own…


There is always people from LB there, some working, some blagging :slight_smile:
Mention it nearer the time and peeps will pipe up.


I’d probably be up for watching some this year. Got some earmuffs for the baby so sorted


I’m always up for the races


I could be up for this…


Cool, when it gets a bit closer and I can feel my fingers again, I’ll post something up.


BSB at Brands is Easter Weekend. I’m heading there from Herts on Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. I’ve got a Paddock Hill stand seat too in block 1 row E. Give me a shout if anyone fancies meeting up before, during or after.


The stand is for Monday, not Sunday.