BSA B50T gong strong

Here is a vid of a lovely BSA B50T that’s still be used for what it was intended.

Not as it left the factory but nice to see …

I learnt to ride on a BSA D14 Bantam, for those too young to remember that’s a 1968/9 175cc single cylinder two stroker,and it was an awesome experience for a 14 year old.

Well it’s always a balance - do you use them and modify them for everyday use or do you bubble wrap them and trailer them to concourse events.

The external mods are no more than the xcross temporary headlight and mudguard / rear light combo - ok the exhaust has never seen Small Heath but I think it’s fantastic to see a Beezer so at use as this.

Rivet counters can go and pore over Gold Stars as far as I’m concerned - no offence.:):cool::w00t: