B's sort of famous

did anyone else read two magazine this month? page 129 our very own B is featured sorting out some guys suspension.

I was out for a ride today with the famous mr.B. He did mention something about it.

Not quite fame, but it was good to give the new business i’ve been working on a mention. I’m now doing bike set up from a unit locally and coaching a few racers.

The journolist was intially doing a story on Sammo and his progress with his racing. As i’ve been coaching Sammo we got talking and as usuall i can’t keep my hands off the suspension but good to hear how pleased he was.

how local then b ???

Just round the corner from you Danno, Strawberry Vale by the River. I’ll PM you the address, Pop down sometime

that would be good have got some days off coming up

Nice one B, look forward to seeing the website finished.

Cheers Jay, thanks for your help with the site That side of things is new to me but hey i’m learning…slowly