B's new cbr600rr08

Lj motorcycles just couldn’t leave it alone :w00t:

A reconstruction of how it looked today :smiley:

that looks wicked!! more pics?

(oh and i like the sneaky amends)

:smiley: Never a dull moment at the workshop, I think Les was getting his own back after I’d stickered his van;)

Very pleased with the new Honda though:cool:

when’s it out to play on track? :slight_smile:

Don’t laugh, I’ve only done 40 miles and I’ve had it 10 days:w00t:

24th April at Brands is the next time out but I’ve not posted up because the LB trackday is a few days later and I didn’t want to detract from that.

I’ll be looking after Twostrokes, so I may get on that ZX10 after all:cool:

hey B yes am booked on the 24th…see you then…

Nice bike B, can’t wait to see you with it on-track :slight_smile:

hey B i’ll have to give you a bell once you’ve tinkered with yours so i can get my 07 setup done. looks lovely!:w00t:

I can’t wait to get it on track Jay, it’s corner and entry speed to the turns will be higher than the Gixxer 750:w00t: and it’s so precise:cool:

The bike is not slow in a straight line either. It’ll be left in STD form for the moment, i’m feeling at home on it as Supersport bikes are where most of my racing time was spent.

In fact the Honda race workshops used to be over the road from Chiswick Honda where I bought the bike from.:slight_smile:

I’ve done loads of these already Henry and can say the std kit responds very well to tweaking:cool:

Very nice mate, despite the additions to the paintwork :wink:

Congratulations that is a good looking bike!

nice dude!

(should’ve got the yammy though :D)

Yeah… you pick up a new bike and for the next three weeks the weather sucks, typical aye. Actually same thing happened last year with the R1… itching to go out for a ride now.