Brunch at Box Sunday 15th April

I’ll be having a cuppa / brunch at Box on Sunday 15th around 10.30 / 11 ish and would love to see whoever is around for a chat, tea, chips, bike and biker watching.

Sadly (or happily for you folks as I have no sense of direction) I am not doing an organised LB ride out (particularly as I cannot be trusted not to lose large groups on the open road) - instead am off for some Sussex lanes practise with Emsee. However, it would be nice to see anyone who fancies a bite at Box, before, or during, their Sunday ride.

(Nb This will not be like the last time when I arranged breakfast at the Ace, buggered off and then came back 15 minutes later having lost an entire rideout of people.)

Up for cold chips, lukewarm tea and staring at pasty faced people in the freezing cold April winds for 40 minutes or so? See you there (nb if you haven’t met me, just look out for a female version of Alice Cooper)


Will be there for 10.30,be nice to meet you.


if its not too cold i’d love to.

you’ll stay more than ten minutes this time right?


Shall see what i can do :wink: making no promises though

Yes cool :smiley: I will be there for more than ten minutes this time and won’t arrange to meet people and then leave them all while I go off and (attempt) to do something else instead :smiley: (Oh the shame!!!)

Had arranged a catch up with Emsee as we haven’t done a lanes ride for a long time, so thought it might be very nice to have some tea, chips and chat with any LBers who are heading that way. It will be great to see you Asbs if you’re about, plus you Alba and also to meet Terri for the first time!

iv not been in a wile so might come say hi XD

Am looking forward to meeting a fellow female rider - at last!!!

Prettysmartbiker, you make it too easy for me… but your new so im being behaved :wink:

Dont worry asbo, I can give as good as I get!!


Like i said on the other post.

There seems to be 2 groups with roughly the same intention. Anyone still going? Anyone know where we can watch MotoGP?

This feed is reading me wrong!!! I said I can give as good as I get! Nothing about head!!! :w00t:

Sheesh, you’ve only been on here 5 minutes, this is LB not a dating site you know :w00t:

My number though is 077666 666 :wink:

Haha!! You changing my quotes! Cheeky git! Revenge is sweet and on the cards!!!:wink:

No idea what your on about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see you taking an interest in the newbies on the forum David.:smiley:

This is a kind of random Cup Of Tea at Box meet for folks who are doing their various ride outs, or who want a luke warm drink and cold chips at a chilly picnic table, or as a nice opportunity for random chancers like our Asbs to safely chat up wimmin - not really an organised LB Box Hill Rally :D:D

Although there may be some blind date action which could be interesting for any of the usual LB voyeurs, dirty old men or pervs:D

If anyone fails to recognise me, I am the formally quite slim but now clinically obese woman (blame the Easter Eggs) on a Triumph. Please ignore the men in white coats who might be lurking nearby, nothing to do with me, honest …

I think Matt (and some others) were confused thinking this was last Sunday

I get confused too :smiley: (But this characteristic might stand me in good stead to get a job as a referee in the Premier League - can’t be any more confused about penalties than ref Oliver was in the Norwich / Spurs game today…)

Righty Ho - am meeting Emsee there at 10.30am for a cuppa.

See any of you kids that aren’t going to Brands and doing your own thing for greasy chips / brunch / cereal and toast.

It promises to be a cold, chilly day, with a touch of rain:)