Bruised plums

Just test rode a Ducati Streetfighter S and have come away a bit disappointed really. I love my 749, on the days when it works and it’s working brilliantly at the moment, and was thinking that the streetfighter might be a friendlier package for that type of engine - the superbike gets very hot around town and flat bars make city life a lot easier. I dared to dream of a superbike you can use around town. This isn’t it.

The 1198 engine is lovely. Low down torquey. Agressive, beautiful sounding and powerful on open roads but put it into an urban setting and it’s every bit as out of place as it’s sporting cousin.

My Honda Hornet is a similar type of bike. Naked, upright riding position and flat bars but Honda’s suspension and engine are friendlier and it practically rides itself. It’s not necessarily a fair comparison because I’ve had two years to learn to ride the Honda and only an hour with the Ducati but with that power and agression comes too much vibration and noise and frankly it requires too much concentration. Also, I hate putting all my weight on my wrists when I’m riding and it was practically impossible to not do so on the streetfighter. If a machine is going to demand that much of me when I ride it then I’d rather keep it in the superbike frame and know that I’m sacreficing comfort and ease for a great fast road/ track experience.

Oh and the mirrors are a bit rubbish and the brake fluid pots wobble a bit too much when you get up to about 80.

Just saved myself £12,000.

Your around town Ducati is still the Monster.

where do the bruised plums come into this? :Whistling:

Oh, sorry, should have made clearer. The aggressive riding position meant I was so far forwards the whole time that the poor little fellas are all beat up :slight_smile: