Brugges run - Saturday 6th May


Have booked a Brugges run for Saturday 6th May.

Train booked out: 8.50 am
Train booked return: 19.20 pm

Best make sure you have Euro insurance and breakdown cover (Eurotunnel offer it for Euro virgins)

Not interested in escorting 125s or L platers, sorry.

IF those trains get full, can you book an earlier one going out and later one returning, as I won’t be waiting at Calais for people who are on later trains.

Read up on the cornerman, full tanks at Folkstone and make sure you’re legal/insured.


Yes I fancy it. I’ve done one before and was cool to be on the continent around the time I’d usually be getting out of bed.

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Id like to, though not sure ill be available.

Never did one of them when these happened years ago, but kept meaning to

Great idea. interested.

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Hell yer! count me in. I only live 30 mins from the Chunnel now so I’m well up for this.

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Checked earlier and a day return with bike is £84 quid.

Thinking get a train around 9am, on roads for 10 (UK time) get to Brugges for .middayish.

3 hours to get some grub/chocolate before back for a 6pm (UK time) train, home around 9ish.

If no one objects I’ll book soon and just ask that people book the same (or earlier train)

If anyone doesn’t know the cornerman system there’s a tutorial or here or just make yer own way to/from Brugges.

If you need yer hand holding to get to the tunnel, prob best give this one a miss tbh.

@National_Treasure @nivag


It’s a no from me.

Pencilled in my planner

RAC breakdown cover
We regret that we are not able to offer insurance for vehicles over 15 years old.


something I said?

Yep, I’m interested :slight_smile:

Already booked a weekend away in the New Forest that weekend otherwise I’d be up for it, subject to having a bike to ride.


I’d potentially be up for it

Yes just tell us the details and we can book our Eurotunnel. £84 is pretty good value.

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Will book in the morning and post up times.


Updated opening post with tunnel times I’ve booked.

See some of you boys on the train :slight_smile:

Booked. See you at the Eurotunnel.

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Would love to Nick as I used to love the Brugges runs, but I am racing @ Snett with BEMSEE that weekend, so that means you can’t come and be my pit bitch either!!

Could do the Friday or Sunday…

ok, all booked up, see you on the day

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