Brugge trip Sept 09

Now how do some of you guys n gals fancy a day trip to Brugge for chocs and fags buying? we did a trip 2 years ago in October, it was a really good day. I dont mind sorting a route if i can get a bit of help from someone like JETSTREAM…:smiley: or someone equally as map oriented??

We could get the Euro tunnel cheap enough, stopping off in Brugge for mussels, and then shop, then home!

so any ideas for help lemme know.:slight_smile:

I may be up for this, depends on dates.

Have a word with Mo, he does this route quite often - I think it was earlier this year that we went?

ok cool, i think it would be really good fun again. I didnt go on the trip early this year, but deffo fancy a autumnal one. I must say anyone that can help me with a route would be appreciated!:w00t:i will go and have a look today at maps…:blink::laugh::blink:

Hi Matt, more than happy to plot and lead the route for you:) like danny says we go to Brugge 3 or 4 times a year.

Hhhmmm sounds like fun!


oh brill! well mo if your around anytime soon we could grab a cuppa and some cake and pour over a map?!:slight_smile:

well I will see how it goes on the job front weirdly enough if I’m not here on the day you go and I can get the bike sorted (only like short journeys at the moment) I will come on this…

as sept is my bday month and looks like I will not be upto much!

Could be up for this. Been over there a few times, usually staying at the Bikeloft for an overnighter. :slight_smile:

WE COULD EVEN LOOK AT DOING THIS, GOOD IDEA TOM. oh lordy im shouting again!:stuck_out_tongue:

this sounds good. I’m very interested

PS: if overnight trip. I am not sharing with Ginger again!!!

if over night I’m not staying with Ginger either… I’d rather cuddle upto westie

id deffo take you up on that offer…:w00t::wink:

You know there is the bikers loft in Belgium… We could stay there and pop over to Bruges for lunch…

what’s bikers loft?

Shhhhhhh… :stuck_out_tongue: Think an overnighter would be better. The bikeloft is a budget biker hotel not far from Brugge. It’d be a very long day trip if you want a decent route the other side of the chunnel. That’s not an offer by the way. :wink:

sorry love, are you sure your not offering to do a route for us?!:stuck_out_tongue:

Personally not up for an overnighter, but happy to help out with the route Matt:)

I will be doing my usual Brugge day trip in October

The last time I led a group over there, I lost the whole pack after 5 turns and did the rest of the route by myself. :wink: They were well pleased with me when I rocked up at the loft.

I’ll be up for thiis assuming I don’t give in and buy a KTM to replace the bike I’ve just binned!! Don’t fancy the sore arse that would give me…resisting any jokes about overnight stays and potential room mates!!