Brugge Easter Egg Run

Train booked… :slight_smile:

Nice one Alex… all mine for the day :w00t:

nothing like a traditional run to bring out the old school

haha :kiss:

Just keep an eye out for pedestrian crossings this time! :Whistling:

Train booked. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to put the stabilisers on , but Im booked !

First proper ride out for me in 3 years

Just finding some more photos lol





Hahahaha just noticed the Kont… never seen that used to describe chocolate :w00t:

i wish i could go on this day but i leave for skiing on the Saturday!, have plenty of cock choc for me:laugh:

Gutted someone offered me a bet that you would put your name down and then pull out, I should have taken it. :slight_smile:

I hear Westie never pulls out

Lol ha ha im not saying a word…

i dont see my name here?:stuck_out_tongue:

More oldies are coming out to play, I wonder if they can remember how to start the bike up :hehe:

IN!!! Will check dates (tomorrow) and may bring cat on the GS on the back!

Have you booked the tunnel yet?

It seems this should be re named the Brugge Naighty Chocolate Run. Or somthing to that extent. :blush:

Wish i could go, sounds like a good trip!