Brugge Easter Egg Run

UPDATE: This is an early morning for some but has to be like that to get the max out of the day.

1st Meeting Point - 5am LEAVING FUELLED UP - Ace Cafe
2nd Meeting Point - 6am LEAVING FUELLED UP - Maidstone Services Petrol Garage jnct 8 M20 not the Services
3rd Meeting Point - 6.50am Check In Closes at Folkstone meet in the lane to load on to shuttle

This will be on Saturday 21st March 2015 leaving Folkestone on the 07:20 Eurotunnel returning from Calais on the 19:20. The cost for the train is a bargain £30 return

We are going to Brugge on our annual Easter egg run to stock up with all the naughty novelties :w00t:

This run was first started by Mo a few years ago and got very popular with trips having to be tailored to 30 riders.

We are going anyway and all are welcome, I would just say no Learners as some Motorway will be involved. You can see previous trips here and

We have booked our train so there are no deviations as to times, if you are interested then get your train booked and name down :w00t:

EUROTUNNEL Date and Times of booked trains are above.

  1. GSXRAng - Booked

  2. TDJ - Booked

  3. Shiver - Booked

  4. JamesZ1 - Booked

  5. Terry-Moto - Booked

  6. Changyammi - Booked

  7. Rusty99 - Booked

  8. Kevsta - Booked

  9. KTM D - Booked

  10. Eddiesv - Booked

  11. Lewis - keeping his eye on Terry-Moto

  12. John - Booked

  13. Alex The Biggest Manwhore Going :smiley: - Booked

  14. AdrianD - Booked

  15. Justin - Booked

  16. Tug - Booked

  17. Grim Busa - Booked

  18. Cypher - Booked

  19. Rixxy - Booked





This is a perfect little ride to kick off some euro trips …I am up for this!

Booked and paid up, £30 what a good deal :smiley:

Yes it’s good, I was looking to go the week before and it was £70 odd then realised it was mothers day weekend … they are such rip off merchants lol

ohhh have to check the diary, used to love these trips signals the start of biking for me!

Asking Mrs R :wink:

Sounds amazing. Booked!


She has kindly agreed, offered to take her but declined due to having a 10k marathon on the Sunday and a numb bum :w00t:

I will be staying at a Premier Inn on the Friday night about 11 miles from the train, so can rock out of bed at 0615.
Offers open to share a double room (single beds sorry) for £17.50 each.

Booked :D.

I’ll take you up on the offer Rusty.

Booked! :smiley:

Cheers Ange!

Think I’ll hotel it too. but I touch myself too much to share a room! :D:w00t:

Sorted then :kiss:

Staying at the Premier In Ashford Central Hotel £35 per room, 11 miles from the train.

oh damn it this is why I miss having a bike. I want to go!!!

Whats the roads like for a Bike tour in Brugge? I thought they were all cobbled streets and slipery surfaces. I’ve never even thought about a Tour to Brugge before, Admittedly i’ve only ever done Brugges as a tourists about 13 years ago so not got any Road expierience, but from what i remember the road surface didn’t look to Biker Friendly. Are they actually Good roads then?

whilst there are some cobbled streets in Brugge, its the tarmac ones on the way there and back that interest me!:smiley:

Booked :slight_smile:

Thank you.

KTM D (29/01/2015)

Cool, that’s good to know. Unfortunately i can’t make this one but it’s a good one to chalk off the list for next year Maybe.

Enjoy the Trip and don’t eat too much Chocolate and watch out for the Belgian Lager, i’ve heard its pretty strong :Whistling:

It’s not the roads you need to worry about, you want to watch out for all the bloody people driving on the wrong side of the road!

Lewis is gutted :grin:

He will get over it :smiley: