Brugge Easter Egg Run 20.03.16

After a few people have asked whether there would be another one this year we have booked the day and tunnel tonight for SUNDAY 20th March 2016.

We were looking at going on the Saturday but the tunnel prices were more than double, as sometimes this can be quite a booked up ride we decided to go for the Sunday. Roads should be quieter and shops& cafes still open the same as Saturday.

If you are coming put your name down once you have booked your channel tunnel here book the 07.50am train out from Folkestone and Return on the 17.50 train from Calais. £15 each way = £30

UPDATE: This is an early morning for some but has to be like that to get the max out of the day.

1st Meeting Point - 5am LEAVING FUELLED UP - Ace Cafe
2nd Meeting Point - 6am LEAVING FUELLED UP - Maidstone Services Petrol Garage jnct 8 M20 not the Services
3rd Meeting Point - 7.20am Check In Closes at Folkstone meet in the lane to load on to shuttle

  1. TDJ - Booked

  2. Ang - Booked

3  hogtrumpet

4  ShaunC

5  Zine

6  The Sleeper

7  Tug 214

8  Westie 1

9  KTMJames

10 Steve CBRXX/BMW

11  J13

12  Sarddoc


14  Kevsta

15 rawdred

16 Aiseman

17 armstrong

Anyone coming who isn’t on the list shout now.

How fast is this ride-out?

If i isn’t a hell-for-leather ride then I’ll be up for it.

It won’t be a free for all, just a medium paced group using the back marker system if needed.

Ok, I’m up for that.

Ok, all booked.

Booked… I’ve not done a trip to the continent before so please let me know if I need anything specific!

Hi vis, spare bulbs are legal requirements I believe.

Cool not too difficult then… Got a hi vis vest that I use often anyway. I’m assuming spare bulbs include indicators? I’ve got spare H7s lying around but will need some spare indicators.

I’m booked!

You need to take all your bike documents, hi vis, passport, tunnel ticket, GB sticker on the bike and id advise spare key, puncture kit & euro breakdown cover. The rest of it take with a bucket of salt :wink:

I’m in put me down. Will book up today

Ok bought a gb sticker off Amazon and also picked up some reflective stickers for my helmet (read it’s some French requirement and since we would have to ride through France).

Does bike documents mean MOT too? Sorry for being a noob at this!

Yes insurance, MOT make sure it’s taxed and bring your driving licence… You are not allowed to go abroad if you are on L plates
Don’t bother with helmet stickers.

Will only add people to the list when they confirm they have booked. Be sure to book asap as the trains do fill up and you may not get the same times as us. If that is the case book on the earlier train.

I’m all booked up, stick my name down… Really looking forward to it.

Booked yahaa

Don’t get too caught up on the French rules and regulations  … I only ever take password,  licence,  insurance and breakdown documents. 

Never had anty issues. 

Oh lol plenty of euro in case you get pulled for speeding :wink:

I’ve given them a lot in the past

Me please xx

Oh lol plenty of euro in case you get pulled for speeding 😉 I've given them a lot in the past GSXRAng

Just don't be the one that stop and owns up...
Me please xx westie1

Oh, hiya :slight_smile:

lol yeah don’t ride with Westie

Oh have you booked Matt?

Booked!!! How cool xxxyey like the old days