Brugge Choccie run

It’s that time of year again;)Our annual pilgrimage to Brugge to buy Easter Eggs is happening on Saturday 27th March, everyone is welcome to join us, book and post you are coming! I am booked and will be going anyway:cool:

The Eurotunnel cost is £28 return (bargain)

We will be going out on the 07:20 and returning on the 18:20.

Just go on the Eurotunnel web site and book yourself on:)

Oh! and for those of you who have braved this excursion before, YES! I am taking the USUAL route:w00t:;)Just look at all that lovely choccie:cool:;):stuck_out_tongue:and there will be the usual stop at the baccie shop;) Ok folks, this is how it’s gona work.The latest check in for the 07:20 is 06:50 idealy we will get there a little ealier just in case, soFirst meet point will be Maidstone Service area J8 of the M20. We will leave there at 06:10 on the dot!!!just make sure you have enough fuel to get to Folkstone, we will fill up straight off the train. or you can make your own way to the train and we will see you there.We will arrive France at 08:55 (local time) after fueling up it should take about 3 hours (including stops) to get to Brugge.Once there you do as you please! We will be parking in the main square so will be in the middle of everything.We will leave Brugge at 14:00 on the dot! to be back in Calais for 17:50 (latest check in time) We arrive back in Folkstone at 17:50 (uk time)so far we have, Me myself and her! shiver Kev650 tug 1360 Hanna Hannibal Zine TrueBrit TrackdayJunkie GXSRAng BlueLagosvarajohn

2007 trip:)

Last years event:)

i’d be up for it if it wasnt on that weekend as thats likely to be packing up to move day

Has to be that weekend I’m afraid:)


Can I come?

you certainly can:) book yourself on the train:cool:

All booked:D

Top man:)

make sure you bring many euro’s, we intend to drink many hot chocolate:w00t::wink:

pfft at 8 euros a cup ill need to rob the local bank

I may be up for this…:slight_smile:

hope you can make it Matt:)

Looks like it’ll be a good trip … will try and make it. :smiley:

Have you got a link to where you booked the train so i dont book on the wrong on?

oh and this will be my first ride outside of the uk, so anything I need to know or do?

Don’t ride on the left :wink:

PMSL;) click on GET QUOTE it will steer you from there:)

Booked :smiley:

nice one fella;)

Right got that… now anything else or are we just able to point out the bleeding obvious. lol, good one.

I am well looking forward to this run now, be good to meet you all.