Brugge 2 trip

I’m just throwing it out there that I want Jetstream to lead another trip out to Brugge when the weather is a little hotter, as the trip up there through the French country and Brugge itself is definitely worth a second trip. It would be nice to see who would be interested.

That’s a nice idea. I would be.

I’ll be watching for dates, with interest!

What’s the route that they do? It’s always looked like a motorway blat punctuated by a 45 minute break on a train in a tunnel.

The route was mostly farm roads, really enjoyed the trip, but April weather wasn’t in the best of moods.

Yeah I’m up for that.

I’d be up for this.

But in hot conditions the cocks would melt. I’d be game for this. Be nice to not come back with hyperthermia

Sounds like this could be fun

I wanted to go on the first one but couldn’t. I’kl keep and eye on this.

I bought a train ticket for the last one but got shafted at the last second by work, so I hope to have another go if I can.

It might have been nice to ask Jetstream first - we don’t usually take orders !!! :slight_smile:

So looks like a good bit of interest already! Just need jet to respond, also does anyone objecting to buying tickets on the day or online the night before. This may be more more expensive but it give us the chance to get up and go on a good day.

Ah jet there you are !

Jet are you up to lead another?

I fancy this. I could probably lead if the Jets are busy. I’d need someone to send me a route though.

Want to hear more about Nick’s melted cocks

My other half had the cock, it was very hard as the weather was cold.

I’d be interested in this too. Depends on the date.

It’s already looking like a good turnout, Is everyone flexable, as in on a Tuesday the weather look great for the next weekend we all agree to go?
I know there is a website that offers a lot of map downloads for free, what routes bikers have used in the past, I just can’t remember what site it was. Any suggestions?