I’m freezing and just can’t seem to get warm :blink:

What do you do when you’re chilly and to get yourself warm?

Nice deep hot bath :slight_smile:

hot water bottle, dressing gown and a few large whiskeys :wink:

Same as that geezer in the Jeep (Pics & Vids):smiley:

i ask my misses to keep me warm using friction :smiley:

Hot bath,jimjams, hot choccy and snuggle under the duvet:D

Call NHS direct and get some Tamiflu?

I hope I’m only joking…

make a fire;)

my words exactly :smiley:

watch cindy crawford’s fitness video :wink:

When I got back from Hastings last bank holiday I couldn’t stop shivering, it took a really nice long hot shower, a hot toddy and a hot gossip video to sort me out! :smiley:

a hot wot video;)

Just look for “Hot Gossip” or “Kenny Everett Video Show” on Youtube and you will see.

ooooooooooooh i seee i thought he mean’t a cheecky cheecky dvd:D

Just put the heating on Lou, that`s what my mrs does.

Bowl of porridge with a dram of single malt in it.

Tell Zoe I bought another bike, that warms me up realy quickly:D

I put on a ballaclava, two fleeces, two pairs of socks, heated gloves and then blast around on the bike. If I’m still not warm I don’t care cus I’m having so much fun.

Failing that I go for the friction route too. :slight_smile:

A nice hot sauna, a hot shower, hot toddy, and then under the duvet

Has CheekyChick made a DVD then, where can I get a copy?!? :wink: