Broken gearbox, why does this **** always happen when I really don't need it in my life? :(

Hey all,

Riding to work today, very uphill. Had recently noticed the bike slipping into neutral from second, which concerned me.

Downshift a gear… hear a sound, and then realise none of the gears deliver power! They were all “neutral”!

Bike comes to a stop, I’m off pushing, up a very steep hill! Had to roll it back home for 30 mins! After work too! What a workout.

Anyone have an idea how I can get this fixed? Or what the issue could be?

Anyone here work as a call out mechanic?

Cheers all,

try pm ricky,:slight_smile:

Thanks Tug, will do :slight_smile:

You’ve got a choice. Adz on here should also be able to fix it.

Will message him too, thanks :smiley:

Good luck.:slight_smile:

Hope you get it fixed soon.

And get on that bike maintenance course:D

that sucks and i cant tell you how many miles i pushed my old zxr400 :slight_smile:

just be thankful you dont own a Goldwing :w00t::w00t::w00t:

hope its nothing to serious :slight_smile:

second that mate:D

Hope you get it fixed soon, dude! :slight_smile:

My bike keeps doing exactly the same thing, dropping back in to neutral from second… o eck, you’ve worried me now !! :w00t:

Sometimes mine goes back into neutral from second, but I think it’s because occasionally I don’t give it enough welly when changing up, so it doesn’t engage properly.

I think I’ve only ever had two genuine false-neutrals in 22,000 miles…

Emma youve got nothing to worry about i rode a year old cbr125r and kept getting false neutrals. I found if i clicked up and left my foot there a split second longer when letting out the clutch it woudnt do it again.

Not being horrible but dr placebos bike hasnt been well looked after sorry dude.

Mine does it all the time actually getting more and more frequent, never used to, and actually the bike is 4 years old :slight_smile:

Then theres a good chance your clutch cable is too tight there should be about 10mm of free play in the lever i.e not tight to the lever clamp.

I was making ref to the age as even new ones do it.

Don’t panic too soon.

Last time that happened to me it was just a broken selector fork…

When it went did you feel like you selected your last gear the clunk was a bit loud or harsh? That’s what mine was like when it went.

Depending ont he bike that’s either a small job or a medium sized job… just depends where the fork is on your gear shaft…

If you’ve got maintenance skills its not hard to do, if not get a mechanic like the guys at FWR to do it… they did mine and it was fine.

second that mate,had it on the gsx 1400 :slight_smile:

gear lever needs adjusting