Broken exhast hanger

I have a Bandit 600 which i use for work trouble is the hanger bracket as broken for the second time. the obvious reason would be that it flexing but as the exhaust 4 in 1 is solid and the hanger is attached to the rear peg i have no idea why it has broken again, any ideas?

So i now looking to get some flat stainless steel and make my own only trouble is i have to find a supplier, in the mean time its back to good old duck tape.


Look at the brackets from decent manufacturers and buy one of those. Don’t worry if it’s not an exact match. They can all be re shaped and re drilled.

Il Bandito (Son 1) has had a Carboncan on his Bandit for a year without that problem.

Coathanger time again.

I made one for my old 750 slingshot out out 4mm aluminium plate - marked it out, cut the rough shape with a hacksaw and then formed the bends in a vice.Was fine for about two years and was one of the few parts not damaged when the bike was written off.

Stainless can be a bugger to work with hand tools cos as it get hot it work hardens…