broadband / digi tv packages

want to drag my tinternet supplier into the present day so am trawling the net looking for broadband packages. i had one ages ago thro ntl that was broadband and basic digital tv (would like it to include some sport channels (footie/bike+car gp/extreme sports) and docu channels, stuff like e4 and film channels etc i couldnt give a toss about) all included in the monthly price and would like something similar now, but cant seem to find them. lots of broadband packages with free calls eve and weekends as part of the deal, which is no use for me as 1) i have no kids who are always on the phone and 2) i am never there eve and weekends to use the free mins.

what are you lot using and how much does it cost ya


telewest do it/ blueyonder/ntl…they are all the same company but likelyhood is u only have one in ure area…

We are paying £40 a month for tv telephone and internet. Internet i think is 2MB or 4MB broadband, cant remember which…tbh not much in it

Tv is good, have pretty much every channel but premium ones i.e. movies and sport…so get bravo, uk gold, living, music channels etc…

telphone i only ever use to recieve calls

hope that helps

I have home choice, £30 a month (first 3 months 18 quid or so… ). Need a BT line but you get 1mb broadband and quite few channels the most important being British Eurosport !.. Checks out their website…

I am not sure what areas they cover though, think mainly Sarf West London…

Wouldnt mind one myself but all the Broadband deals I looked at had a capped dowload limit, which is no good for me - gotta love Binaries .
Probably end up going for something like BETHERE Broadband (upto 24Mb with no limits) and a Digi-box with Top-Up TV for Eurosport.

Little more expensive because of the BT line rental but until the world of truly HIGH speed connections and other LEC’s offering phone lines becomes mainstream its an expense I can live with.

Thankfully BT are being fazed out of their monopolistion of the UK, soon they’ll be loads of companies offering cheaper line rental with any luck.

You can get a phone line and 8mb broadband (no download limit) from Bulldog for £30 a month (line included, no BT… ). Not a bad deal but no TV channels I guess…

telewest dont limit ure download or uploads

I use Blueyonder 8mb at home, and it’s fan-fricking-tastic. Very reliable, no problems at all. They also do a digital tv service. The best digital tv you can get though is via Sky, as they have a ludicrious amount of bandwidth available. I know this as I work for a digital TV company. Cable-based services have crap picture quality (limited bandwidth) when you look closely on a good quality TV (pixelation most commonly, with artifacts clearly visible). Get a HD-TV and you’d really notice how bad their services are. SKY HD is going to be very good, definately worth it. This is where we’re heading next year.

Hey Jay, you broadcast or post?

Just got unlimited offpeak NTL phone and 2mb Broadband for £30pcm. And engineer gave me adaptor to connect existing wall box to TV for free channels. So Eurosport, MTV and at last, UK Gold (sarcasm) are mine!

Pixie, I reckon it’s likely to depend on who can supply what to your area. BT could only offer a 1mb broadband and couldn’t guarantee that until it was tested. Unless you want to pay a load of cash for specialist service like Bulldog and then put TV on top.

Good hunting

Mo, pre, I work on backend systems that get content onto air. I’m a software developer.

Automation and alike? Cool. But the TX Ops always break it in the end

Jay does ure company offer summer internships to penutimate year students???