British Superbikes, Round 1, Lots of Pics!

In case you had your head in the sand, last weekend saw the first round of the British Superbikes series for the year, at Brands Hatch. Anyone who went knows it was a belter with great weather and even better racing! Lots of team/rider changes happened over the winter so it’s been really exciting building up to the first race to see who would be competitive. It didn’t play out how I was hoping, being a Suzuki fan, but you’ve got to love it all the same! Loads of crashes as well this weekend, with a lot of very broken bikes.

LB covered the event and has four galleries up for Saturday, Sunday and race-day Monday. Here’s some tasters, but click into the galleries below to get the full deal…

Monday #2

Monday #1




Some great pics there guys, thanks Love Johnny Rea`s style at Druids.

We still need to see it on TV. ITV messed up big time, idiots.

Our boys, Andrew and Damon did an absolutely fantastic job of covering this round, the shots they got are insane, I love it! There’s 4k photos for the weekend, but of course we can’t put them all online.

Ive got the superbike races on tape if you want them Jay. Sky will be showing the full meeting on the weekend, what a good show, youll love it

Some nice shots there. A few peeps I know coming off at Druids, real shame. The one on the right is No.76, Ross Walter on a 675.

My mate Gilbo came in 5th in the race though…

Walter looks like he knows what he’s doing, i.e. has crashed before In all seriousness, I don’t know if anyone was injured, hope not, but my god, what a big pile-up! Paul Young was lucky to get away unscathed.

hehe looks like you posted up most of’em though!! Hope we don’t accused of overkill

But thanks all, it was fun and I’m looking forward to Thruxton already. Cheers to Jay and Tash for allowing me to realise a dream and sorting the passes out even at the last minute when security got bolshy with me.

And to the marshalls for not confiscating said pass after catching me on the grid when I wasn’t allowed to be there…

Some excellent photo’s!!!

Has leon changed leathers supplier… am sure it was Arlen Ness last year?

and I’ve started captioning up the shots too, so check back to see who’s who and what’s happening!

Stu - Lavilla certainly ran Arlen Ness last year, will have to check last yrs pics for Leon. Do Mothercare do leathers ?? LoL


Oh, it’s BigSV or Andy.

The pics are great, they almost look like they’re painted.

Good spot by me, he most certainly was running Arlen Ness leathers last year.

There’s always some pallava Andrew, eh. I wish they’d sort themselves out, it’s really not that hard! We published about 600-800 shots, I don’t think that’s overkill. I think it’d be more of a shame not to show as many as we can considering how good the shots were!

Looking forward to next weekend as well

Sorry Andy, dunno where I got “stu” from

600-800 shots !! Man that’s a pretty good hit/miss ratio for me. That new lens just kicks them out !! Roll on the Mark III hehe. 10fps compared to (effectively) single shot mode. Gonna have to open up a whole new site for them mate

Getting confused by me???

Actually Stu and SV are quite common together.

Would be a good ratio if you were the only one there taking pictures!

Better buy some more CF cards when the MkIII’s out…

I was thinking last night that there might be mileage in some other gallery add-on that allows people to trawl through all the good shots from these events, something to compliment our existing galleries. It seems a shame to hide away photos that don’t go into the galleries! There’s so many fans out there who want to see pictures of just one rider, for example.

The trouble is, we have no people-power for tagging these photos with names. The add-on could have some sort of public collaboration facility, i.e a way for people to suggest names/comments for these images.

hahaha fair point !! Ok so I’ll retreat ashamed and practice technique hehe.

Yeah Stu, that’s where I got confused. You SV riders, I dunno

Jay - yeah the tagging is yet another thing to do eh? But I don’t mind adding them later - peeps will understand. Do they actually have Metatags on them - or is that taken from the ‘comment’ field? It would be good to know so rider numbers/names can be always included as I’ve started to do.