British Superbikes @ Cadwell Park Gallery!

We’ve got our first gallery up of the 11th round of British Superbikes at Cadwell Park from yesterday. Some amazing photos as ever, making me want to book another trackday there asap :-/

Karl Harris going MotoCross style :slight_smile:

Shakey, getting shakey over The Moutain as ever…

Fantastic pics once again, I think these might be the best yet.

Those pics don’t look so impressive after watching the slow motion replay of Camier’s crash :sick:

Hey nice shots D, damn you are quick !!! I managed to find 500 sharp shots from race day alone, lord knows how many I actually took but there’s over 1300 sharp ones from the weekend.

I’ll decide on a cut now - gonna try and avoid the same sort of shots so this will be interesting !!

And glad I wasn’t the only one to shoot the go-carts. They were soooo dull, my worst nightmare - like a 4 wheeled 125 !!! hehe

Oh, I’ve also got some of the charity cycle race from Sunday night so not all 2 wheelers will be motorised ! :hehe:

Some amazing pictures!!! :smiley: Brilliant work … Love the first one with Karl Harris…

Very nice stuff there Damon.
Gutted I missed the weekend, but then my window frames look lovely and new with a new coat of paint…somehow though, it doesn’t quite feel the same…

See you at Donny.

Cheers, I had today off work. I had to be quite brutal with the selection process - and try to avoid the typical cliched three hundred pictures of the Mountain. Plus, I didn’t take too many on race day itself, as you know!

What time did you get home?

Cheers Toby. I like Donny, but I’m not looking forward to the long hikes!

Got home about 8.30pm as I left when race 2 was red flagged. Watching Leon Camier highside off his landing from the jump was pretty sickening, and the resulting photos are a real stomach turner.

So I figured I’d leave then and beat the rush. A mate left just after me and didn’t get back to Cheshire until midnight! There were two fatal accidents on the main roads west out of Cadwell I gather.

I had no probs at all.

Pics will be uploaded in 5 mins and hopefully on line soon after

Fantastic pics guys:) Keep 'em coming!


Superb pics. Watched race 2 last night. BSB rocks!

Poor Leon Camier, his accident was sickening. Hope all is not too serious and he is back soon.

What great British talent we have in these categories.

Awesome pictures guys.

Without a doubt some of the best I’ve seen on LB :slight_smile:

Were you at the Mountain then? I’d thought you’d had enough of it by then! Anyway, after watching the TV footage last night I’m glad I wasn’t there to get any shots.

Once again some amazine pictures mate.

Great pics yet again.

For those of yuou who have not seen the crash…and its not for those of a delicate nature

Blinding shots Damon! Nice work!!

Not that I am being picky, but I am sure pic 109 is Crutchlow and not Walker, unless of course, they decided to switch bikes and kit, and the poster knows better!

Not guilty m’lud!

Ok at last mine are ready too.

I’ve tried to put some ‘alternative’ pics up to compliment rather than compete with D’s excellent gallery.

Have at’em guys and gals.

Oh, and I’m not gonna check out the video - I was right there and have lots of photo’s showing Leon’s leg doing all manner of scary things that myself, his agent and Leon himself would rather not show.

It’s all a bit ‘car crash TV’ for me, personally. It’s fine I think when the rider gets up and dusts himself down then carries on, but when they get seriously injured it’s a bit poor taste I think.

But each to their own of course.

Andrew i love this shot!