British Superbikes @ Brands Hatch

I don’t see any organised ride-out to the races tomorrow, but have seen quite a few people talking about going. Why doesn’t someone lead a ride from London to the circuit so a group can enjoy the races together, rather than being there as individuals? It’d be a lot more fun.

Post up if you’re going to the races so we can see who’s going and from where.

the first race is at 1140,

i’d be happy to lead a ride from the ace leaving at 9am sharp.

i’ll probably head out of london on the A2 then on the A20 to the circuit! if anyone knows a better route then let me know if not then see you tomorrow at the ace!

I think I’m heading along with Jonny Z, GridGirl and H… but I have no details at present.

I’m traveling from Finchley, I could easily get to the Ace if that’s where it’s decided everyone is leaving from.

I’ve never been to Bands Hatch before, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve borrowed a nice 70-300m IS lens, to hopefully get some nice photo’s.

We will be going from the Ace around 11:00ish - want to see (hear) the Mustang stampede first

Going via Blackwall Tunnel if anyone wants to tag along they are more than welcome - i’ve got the CBR6 Rossi Rep with twin renegades - please send pm if you want my mobile no. BC2

We’re in the hire car again See you all there

A20 is an easy route, it’s one road all the way there. We normally pick it up at Vauxhall.

excuse the spelling as ive had the odd beverage! just spoke to smiled and after we leave the ace ace at 9am sharp!!! we will head for Blackheath tea hut! where we will meet the east enders!! so anyone that feels that coming across to the ace is out of the way then head for the BLACKHEATH TEA HUT. if your not sure where that is then PM me so that i’ll get it before i leave the house (0815) or wait on the A20 at a suitable spot or meet at the Tea hut!!

cheers easy!! see you tomorrow!

First things first… fantastic day! Massive thanks to Adam, Gina, Biscuit, Smiled and Andy for looking after me. Realised as I was leaving, I didn’t really say bye to Adam and Gina, sorry Was great to meet a few more people, Graham, Debs, GridGirl, Jonny Z, Christof and probably some others I forgot.

I took lots of pics, unfortunately my own site has been hacked so I can’t show them all just yet. As soon as it’s back, I’ll post the link. Jay, if you want me to post a CD of them, let me know.

Here’s a few -





Nice to meet the new faces today Good turnout by LB again.

Adam H got the “Horn” and Mumg1 proceeded to play a tune on it it even went off in her ear at one point

Sorry for those I blinded with me forehead Never realised how burnt I was

Hope to see you all Wednesday

and what a horn it was!!! toot toot!!

I had such a great day guys, thanks for the giggles, sarnies and tea!

Karen, have you polished that helmet yet?
H - thanks for the ride home, I did enjoy following your lunchbox!
Karen and John - sorry I left you guys at the roundabout/lights.
Dan and Jo - nice to see you both again. Don’t leave it so long next time xx

Should have got out of bed earlier

Then you could have got a seat right next to the track with us instead of in the cheap seats

Mind you I ate all our sarnies

I would have done if I hadn’t got into bed too late

Still, if I had sat with you guys I guess I would be blind now (from your sunburn )

Just picked up this thread - sorry we missed you all - AbbeyJ and I were there with Paul600 and Argirossi. Bumped in the LMRR too. Was a very good weekend.

See ya all soon.