British superbikes and James Cracknell????? WTF

Anyone know why we have a rower presenting BSB??

Would ITV have a tennis player presenting the footy?? Hell no so why are we stuck with an incompetant fool of a rower who knows nothing about bike racing at all insulting our intelligence and sport. Tries to blag everything and just doesn’t wash.

ITV…send the loser packing and lets have some knowledgeable presenters for BSB!!!

What are your feelings on this matter?

I couldn’t agree more. There was a big WTF here when he first popped up on the box. His background aside, I don’t think he works well as a personality.

Although I do agree he is a bit vague about all things BSB i have it on good authority that he is a keen bike enthusiast and rides a MT01.

Is he really that bad or are you griping because he might be fitter and better looking than you?

you obviously haven’t met me…hahah

on a serious note i know he likes bikes…but he definately hasn’t ever cornered one at anything other than upright…has very very limited knowledge of bikes generally and practically none of racing.

I wouldn’t mind if he was a personality that was enthusiastic about racing and passed on his eagerness to watch it and talk about it but he struggles to come up with anything to say, has no opinion at all on anything and generally bores me into turning over till the racing starts

Would you rather listen to that ginger ****** Tony Carter off Eurosport?

Jack Burnacle got it right first time

He went round one of the circuits on a GSX-R superbike recently and wobbled around. He can’t ride a sports-bike for toffee.

yes i’d rather have tony carter. just.