British Rally Championship Live '06 - Mallory Park

Went up to Mallory Park today for the British Rally Championship Live '06 demonstrations. Quite a bit going on with several different types of cars taking to the circuit (and making good use of the new chicane) and Colin McRae ragging a Scooby round. Michael Rutter and Michael Laverty also took to the track for a play. After that I went to watch the quads crashing! I took the opportunity to grab some more practice with the camera, trying different settings and improving my technique.

First the Superbikes…





Now the cars…





Next come the Quads…





Going, going, gone!

Edit: For some reason it insists on putting them in a different order when I upload them!





Brilliant shots Silver, I love it! I don’t watch WRC religiously, but enjoy it when it happens to be on when I’m in front of the telly, great action. The quads look like a laugh…

hehehe, great shots… love the quad, going, gone and nearly going.

Superb pictures mate, glad you enjoyed the day out as well. I cant wait to meet the new circuit later this year.

Man those piccies are the bollox, should do it for a livin.

Have seen may a foto from so called pros at trakdays, not a patch on yours.

Silver… Looks like you had a blinding day out… Wicked photo’s!

Nicely done!

Think we can tick the box that says “master camera and controls” !!!

Cheers guys… doing it for a living would certainly beat sitting at my desk pushing bits of paper around!

Chuffster, I don’t know how bikes are going to fare. The cars were locking up on the exit to the the new chicane, and even Rutter and Laverty were barely tipping the bike in there. Once they’d got past the first turn-in they were opening it up, but I bet there’s going to be more than the occasional crash there in the heat of battle!