british mx foxhill 24/7/11

had a wicked day watching the moto cross in swindon it was by far the best motor sport racing ive watched live up close and personal!

heres some of my favorite ones but heres the rest

That was a great day out and i have so much respect for these guys they are extremly talented

thanks for the pics and a great idea bazz :cool:

jealous :stuck_out_tongue: i usually pop up canada heights when the racings on,cant beat how close you are to the riders and the sound at the start’s is awesome.all thats missing now days is the sound of the big bore 2-strokes :rolleyes:

That looks wicked to watch, giss a shout if your going again :slight_smile:

Cool pic’s :cool:

Looks wicked Baz, looks like Martin had a good time in more ways than one too! :w00t: lol

ditto if you’re going again - let us know, or was there already something posted in the rideout bit?

So…whos gonna organise an enduro day???

i’d personally look into a weekend enduro holiday in wales or something as it’d actually work out better value for money than golding barn,my mate said about a place where it included bike hire and b&b for the weekend for approx £2-300 per person.

i’ll look into it and get back to you

good man ill have some of that:)

great photos!!!

Motocross is a good sport to watch. Its the furture.Everyone knows all the cool kids ride motocross bikes…