British MotoGP to move to Wales

Not for next year… they say from the year after that.

damn shame to see it leave silverstone.

I would have hoped they’d make more use of the terrain in Wales though. I’d love to have seen the steepest ascent on it, that’s something really they only have with COTA and leguna seca. Would have been a good selling point.

If it’s purpose built for motogp then hopefully will be interesting

If it hasn’t already been decided who is hosting it next year whilst the Cicuit is being built i would like to see it go to Donnington Park as i used to love going Donny for the Moto GP. Never done Silverstone so can’t compare it to how they do it but Donnington really knew how to put on a GP Event.

why did donny lose is to silverstone back in the day?

I’m not 100% but i think it was due to it being a little run down and needed work doing to the track and corporate areas, they went to Silverstone whilst donnington done the repairs then they changed ownership of the track and the repairs took longer to do than expected so the contract went to Silverstone.

haha maybe it should move to cadwell in that case. that’d be amusing.