British MotoGP 2021

Anyone else thinking of going to the British GP this year? We’re going to get weekend tickets.

We’d normally pick a euro track and ride there, but that’s just looking too risky at the moment, so Silverstone it is!

I’ll be there

Are you going for the whole weekend?

Yes, will be camping overnight as working it so there from Fri-Sun.

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Love to see you work it!

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You just want to see me in Lycra. Alas won’t happen I’m afraid, although did get to work the Pit Lane last time at Silverstone

The riders are never happy to see me working :joy:

Have been fortunate enough to work it since 2016 as well as working British Superbikes and the TT as often as I can :blush:


See you there then dude. Camping too :slight_smile:

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