British GP 2008 Coverage!

We’re gearing up for the British MotoGP round this weekend and plan on the usual excellent news stories, as well as interviews to back up our articles and photo galleries. We’ve already published a gallery for the press-conference at the British Transport Museum that happened today.

We’ve got a much bigger presence at the GP this year with a mobile office, journalists and our incredible-duo photographer pair, Andrew & Mike who give us all the brilliant BSB coverage. We’ll be getting the content up on the site a lot quicker as well with dedicated on-site setups for chomping through the photos and editorial.

You can follow all the MotoGP coverage on a new page we’ve created:

The photo-gallery coverage is now complete, with us publishing the most photos from the British GP than anyone else, though as we all know, it’s not volume that counts, but quality, and so with that in mind, we have complete coverage of the event, i.e. behind the scenes and general event coverage as well as incredible race photos. We’ve published seven galleries for the GP, which is an LB record, all thanks to you guys which help make LB what it is and mean we’re in the top four Motorcycle sites in the UK, which in turn means Dorna (MotoGP organisers) recognise us as an important media partner and gets us unprecedented access. Hardly any websites are allowed the access we are, and none are given the amount of access. We really are changing what biking means in the UK, which has transcended our goal of improving biking just in London. You should all be proud; you all make LB what it is. So check out the galleries and leave some comments!

* Nobody else is publishing photos of this number, this quality or this style.

Full Photo-Gallery List:

MotoGP - British GP 2008, Press ConferenceMotoGP - British GP 2008, Day Of ChampionsMotoGP - British GP 2008, FridayMotoGP - British GP 2008, SaturdayMotoGP - British GP 2008, Sunday PaddockMotoGP - British GP 2008, Race Day #1MotoGP - British GP 2008, Race Day #2Some Previews: