Britain round trip

Drinking wine never brought to a good end :slight_smile: . Last time it brought me to Russia and lots of other places. This time i have decided to make a trip around Britain.

But it will much more fun to go several bikes. Lets say four :slight_smile: And the problem is that I know nobody here. So if you want to join the trip you’re more than welcome. Dates and details we can discuss in this thread

P.S. Ane advice welcome!

Also wanted to do this but have booked all my time off.could you do it over a

Best check out a route using a route planner to give you an idea of mileage that way you can work out costs, stops etc try googlemaps or via michelin :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s what i’m gonna do when i find a company to go. Or if i don’t find it :slight_smile:

sounds like a good trip mate…or why dont you go abroad ? nice roads no traffic taliban etc ? more chance of sunshine :smiley:

I’m going to Norway and then to Russia this summer.
And here i’m abroad as well :)))) russian

last year, i did a mainland round trip, its around 2500ish miles(non-motorway), spent more time sightseeing then riding. took me around 20 or so days.

great fun, especially camping ( first timer)…:smiley:

enjoy, mate.

hope it helps.

Thanks, mate!

Idon’t have 20 days so it will be a quick sightseeng :slight_smile:

So it apperars smth around 3760 miles. And can be done in two parts. 1st part can be done in one weekend and the rest - 7 days minimum. It’s going to be a nice trip :slight_smile:

What’s the total distance? Can it be done in 10 days, weekend to weekend? I might be interested, but I am not sure I can get many days off.