Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show

Popped down to Shepton Mallet today for what is deemed to be the show that starts the Classic Bike Show season, seemed to be a good turnout and even the sun came out to warm us up today.Heres a few pics of stuff that caught my eye :smiley:

Ok so the SV is not a classic bike, but this one is by far the best looking one i have ever seen !!

Wow! Check out that GB500! A mate of mine had one but it lived outside on Hastings seafront; everything was rusty, and the cases had a sort of white fur growing on them. It always ran OK though, and was killed off by an old gimmer who pulled out in front of my mate and said “I saw you but thought I had time to get out of the way”. Amazingly the guy was allowed to keep his licence, despite nearly putting my mate in a wheelchair permanently.
I had an XBR first bike after I passed my test…happy days!

Thanks for these pics, great stuff. I love the guy on the Rudge smoking a roll up!

He was a real nice bloke too :smiley:

Fk! They are they real people :crazy:

When I skimmed over these pictures the other day I thought “bloody hell they are scary mannequins” … it’s only now you’ve said that I looked again and see they are in different poses between photographs

:w00t: :smiley:

:hehe: must admit I thought the same thing about the guys on the bikes! Glad you had a good time down there, I was going to go but ran out of money (spent it all on tyre and fork seals:D)

Should be off to the Stafford Classic Bike Show in April so hopefully some more pics :smiley:

Go to Specsavers. Go to Specsavers immediately, do not pass Go and do not collect £200. :wink:

Ahhh hush :PRelying on your years of expertise in the field - the fellow on the left in the first picture - leathers or skin tight PVC catsuit?


Leathers of course. :smiley:

What`s with Compo on the Rudge?:smiley:

He was waiting for his Nora Batty :wink:

Sorry we delayed her:D

His mate looks like Jeremy Clarkson :w00t:

Glad i’m not the only one that thought that… a younger better looking Clarkson though :smiley: