bringing your foreign motorbike to UK and paperwork

anyone familiar with the process? how complicated and how expensive? any websites you can recommend?

thanks guys!

you should find all official info here

it’s free for the first 6 months, and then you take a ferry back to Yurop and reset the clock for another free 6 months.

No seriously - that’s not what you wanted to hear. Unless you are dual national and have an EU country licence as well as a UK licence (don’t ask).

I presume you have a UK driving licence …in which case, it is always safer for your UK licence and UK licence plate to match.

If you have a foreign registered bike, you really do need to follow the protocol as Nails has pointed out. Even current foreign riders/drivers are going to be charged in the future anyhow

because of the loss of revenue to the UK DVLA from absence of MOT requirements; absence of car tax…

It’s complicated mostly if you decide to sell in the future, and the reg documents show it as a grey import. Not quite as tricky as with cars (left hand vs right hand drives and EU specs).

my bike now is an English bike so that’s ok. it’s more because my Dad was thinking of bringing his motorbike from Italy to London and leave it here. thanks!

will look it up now - thanks!!

He will have around 30-60 days of European Insurance cover for the UK depending on his policy, so he can bring it over and sort out the rest once in the UK.

As long as he has owned the motorcycle >1 year, the tax import tariffs are much better for importing. If for example, he had purchased it in Italy specifically to export to the UK and then register on a UK plate, it works out much much more.