Bringing a motorcycle from Irland

my (future) sister in law is moving to London from Dublin.

She has a scooter and an Irish drivers license that she is planning of bringing over

what does she need to be do? what is the process of bringing a motorcycle over?


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i mean the legal aspect!! :stuck_out_tongue:

can she ride it here, or does she need to re-reg it, change her license etc etc

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OK so I’m not completely useless, have a look at these two, first is the governments helpsite which has some information, second is the vehicle approval site with a specific case example of importing from southern Ireland. The basic gist is that if she intends to stay for more than 12 months she’ll have to get the vehicle approved(examined) and get a UK drivers license.


Vehicle approval

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Prices are way higher for vehicles in Ireland than the UK, she’d probably be better off selling it over there & buying another one once she’s moved over here.

she can just ride it over and does not have to worry about the rest for 12 months.

i think you will find that a eire license does not have to be changed unless she becomes a perminent resident, and then its a straight swap for the uk equivelant.