Bring your daughter to the slaughter

Iron maiden oooooh cant wait to see them again :smiley:

They are headlining Sonisphere this year. :smiley:

I heard and can’t believe it…Rammstein is there as well I think…who else do you know?

always loved Maiden …

One of the things i always love about most of their songs is that there is a tale behind or it is based on a book/film event etc etc

its like this song was written about a young girls first period

Hooks in you was written after ( i think it was either Nicko or Bruce ) went to view a house with a view to buy and in the bedroom in the beams above the bed were large Hooks were the previous owners were into S&M quite heavily …

for me the song that always brings the hairs on the back of my neck up is Hallowed be thy Name

when bruce holds that pole note for twenty odd seconds …