Bring on the Summer

Been out this weekend for the first time in about two months on the Beast and loved every minute of it. (even though it pee’d down on me most of the time Saturday)

Bring on the summer, I miss those late Friday night ride outs in the warm evenings.

Finally got your ride out then!

Oh yes, just need to give it a good clean now.

Oh yes, just need to give it a good clean now.

Your gonna clean your bike,BLIMEY!LOL

I did start today, popped round Stan’s to use the Jet Wash forgot my Muck Off. So just gave it a rinse off and done the chain and wheels.

Will finish it off next weekend or feel free to do it for us during the week. lol

Ha!Ha!I’d definatly do a better job!LOL

I’ll drop the keys off on the way to work this week then. lol

yer drop the keys round kazs and ile pick it up for her bruv lol. you dont mind do you

rev it ride race it !

The only way you’ll get hold of my keys is prying them from my cold dead hand.

Ah j.k do you get the feeling he doesn’t trust you with his bike,that’s not nice! LOL

Oh no, I’ve not made it that obvious have I ???

Must have missed ya this morning, I popped round but you were not in.

What time was that then?

What time was that?

erm erm erm erm I cant remember now.